Board of Directors

Established Dec. 2, 2021. We are dedicated to all of our members success.

Christine Berry


Rev. JArthur Grubbs Jr.

Board Member

Kecia Hendrix

Executive Board – Assistant Treasurer

Cedric Torbert


Kelvin Stephens

Information Technology

Harriet Tolbert

Liaison for Russell County

County Liaisons


Commisioner John McGowan


Councilman Tony Malone




Harriet Tolbert
Mission Statement

The mission of the corporation is to develop, promote and collaborate with Black Business in the counties of Bullock, Chamber, Lee, Macon and Russell to stimulate greater entrepreneurial activity and foster business growth.

Vision and Purpose Statement

Our vision and purpose is to promote and produce Black Businesses for economic empowerment, to educate those who are inclined to develop relationships and partnerships and perception of lifelong learning.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

While the mission and vision of the East Alabama Black Chamber of Commerce is to serve and promote Black Business, the organization values and welcomes business owners of all races, cultures and national origins.

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